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The Scholarship Workbook
The Scholarship Workbook is for students searching for scholarships to help pay for college. The Scholarship Workbook will help you successfully complete any scholarship application in a timely manner; and you will not feel overwhelmed or stressed-out in which most students feel during their scholarship search.

The Scholarship Workbook will help you:
Understand the basics of financial aid and scholarships
Document your qualifications for scholarships
Identify various sources of scholarships
Search for scholarships
Complete scholarship applications
Track your scholarship search progress
Complete college applications
Write college admission and scholarship essays
Create resumes
And much more

Upon completion of The Scholarship Workbook, you will have created a valuable reference tool to use at all stages of your scholarship search and the application process. You will notice that every time you review your workbook, you will add new qualifications and possibly identify other scholarships you may have overlooked.

Please Note: The Scholarship Workbook is not a scholarship directory. It is a workbook designed to help you search and apply for scholarships.

Title: The Scholarship Workbook
Product Dimensions: 8.5” X 11” Softcover, Spiral Binding
Pages: 92 pg.
Author: Sedgwick D. Hines
Publisher: AvScholars Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: September 2004 (1st Edition)
ISBN: 0-9657384-4-2
Item No.  SWk
Price: $16.95 USD
Category: Financial Aid/Reference

How this workbook is organized.
The Scholarship Workbook is divided into three chapters:
Chapter 1 – Financial Aid Basics
Chapter 1 will help you understand the basics of financial aid and how the financial aid process works.
Chapter 2 – The Workbook
Chapter 2 will help you identify and document information about yourself and your family to identify, search, and apply for scholarship.
Chapter 3 – Completing the Scholarship Application
Chapter 3 will help you complete your scholarship application(s) in a timely fashion and keep your stress level to a minimum.
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"Fabulous, well-written, easy-to-understand information on all aspects relevant to students searching for scholarships!" --Eileen Williams, Parent (Tampa, FL)

"This workbook helped my son search and apply for scholarships in our community in which we would have never looked. Very helpful book." -- Betty Smith, Parent (Chicago, IL)

"If you are a high school junior or senior, or the parent of one, you must get this book... It tells you step by step about how to search and apply for scholarships… and it helped with completing college applications. This book is worth the money I spent on it.” -- Kim

“I am a guidance counselor at a large high school and I recommend this book to my students. What is so useful about it is the workbook chapter in which students will find very helpful. We are even thinking about getting this book for members of the junior and senior class.”
-- School Counselor (Norfolk, VA)

"I had spent a lot of time using online scholarship search database sites and was really frustrated. I found myself completing various scholarship questionnaires and only a few results would appear. After completing the workbook, it helped streamline my search and I found other scholarships. The workbook is awesome!" --David McCluskey (Houston, TX)

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Download Free Track Forms
These track forms were excerpted from The Scholarship Workbook. If you find these track forms useful, we are sure that you will enjoy the Workbook. Free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print these forms.
Scholarship Track Form
The Scholarship Track Form will help you keep track of your scholarship search, important dates, and to make sure that you send all the supporting documents requested by the sponsor along with your application. Use this form for each scholarship you’re applying for and before mailing your application to the sponsoring organizations.
Recommendation Track Form
The Recommendation Track Form is designed to help you and the letter writer document and organize this process. Use this form for each individual that will write a recommendation letter for you.
Interview Track Form
The Interview Track Form will help you prepare for the scholarship interview and keep track of your interview date, location, and time. Use this form for each scholarship interview.

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