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  About the Author/Publisher
Sedgwick Hines is an author and self-publisher of Aviation Scholarships, The Scholarship Workbook, and other forthcoming books, owner of AvScholars Publishing, LLC., and the Executive Director and Founder of The AvScholars Network Foundation. He graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Aviation Technology in 1994. Mr. Hines is also a professional airline pilot.

Why I create AvScholars?
As I reflect on my experiences – past and present, I wish my mother and I knew about the various summer flight academies, aviation scholarships, and various aviation organizations that could have provided guidance and support. Over the years, I have received hundreds of questions from students and parents (via AvScholars.com) typically asking how to pursue a career in aviation and how to pay for it.

After receiving and responding to varying but similar questions, I realized that there was no single Web site that helped students and parents navigate through the entire process of planning for a career in aviation/aerospace. Other aviation-related web sites focus on just one or two components of the education process, such as a financial aid or learning how to fly, forcing students and families to search multiple web sites to fulfill their needs. And some Web sites that provide various information charge visitors a fee to access their information.

My personal experiences and hundreds of questions from students, parents, and educators led me to create AvScholars.com and later redesign the web site to add new features and services. AvScholars.com will meet the needs of students and their parents by providing them with a comprehensive online resource to help them with all aspects of pursuing a career within the field of aviation/aerospace at one location, entirely online.

My Story!
If you would like to read about "My Story" and how I became interested in aviation, click here.


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