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  Academic Transcripts
An academic transcript is an official record of all your grades from high school or college. It is not the same as your report card. If you attended more than one school, you will need to request a transcript from each school. In order to save yourself some time, order several transcripts from your school and place them in a clean envelope/folder. Some colleges charge their students a fee to fulfill their request for a transcript.

It is important that you follow the application’s instructions about how to submit your transcript. Some scholarship providers prefer to have the transcript mailed directly to them, while others like to have it included with the completed scholarship application package.

If you are instructed to have your school mail the transcript directly to the scholarship provider, it is also important to provide your school with the correct mailing address and to make sure they mailed it, and that the scholarship provider received it.
If you are instructed to include your transcript with your application, do not open or tamper with the sealed envelope the transcript come in, or the scholarship provider may not accept the transcript.

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