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  Job Resume
Your resume is a SALES TOOL. The purpose of a resume is to help sell yourself, relate your skills and achievements to the job, and convince the potential employer to contact you for an interview. The major focus of a resume is your education, work experiences, skills, and extracurricular activities.

Your resume should be tailored to the type of internship/co-op position for which you are applying. It should provide the internship/co-op coordinator(s) with specific information about your background to assess your qualifications and skills. The coordinators will SKIM, not read, your resume. Your resume needs to be concise and contain only pertinent information, which will get the coordinator’s attention.

 The main components of a resume include:
Contact Information
Your name, address (present and/or permanent), phone number(s), and email address.
Career Objective
Use a single phase expressing your career goals
Work Experiences
List your work experiences. Volunteer, research projects, internships, and cooperative education programs that you experienced should also be listed as work experiences. Start with your most recent employer and give the dates of employment, the employer’s name, job title, and job responsibilities.
List your skills such as: analytical, interpersonal, administration or management, leadership, research, writing, computer, and other skills.
List the schools you have attended and (expected) graduation date, major, and G.P.A. Start with your most school enrollment.
Extracurricular Activities (if space permits)
List your extracurricular activities inside and outside of school such as: leadership positions, school involvement, community involvement, etc. Start with your most recent activities.

Personal Data
Do not list personal data such as height, weight, sex, and marital status on your resume. This information is irrelevant.
Do not list your references on the resume. Instead, use the phrase "References on Request," if you have enough room at the bottom of the resume.

Resume Formatting Tips
Be clear, concise, well organized, easy to read, and one page in length
Do not use more than 2 different fonts and use size 12 for main text.
Use bullets or bold fonts to highlight significant information
Be sure there is enough white space throughout.
SPELL CHECK and PROOF READ more than once!
Have someone else proof read your resume
Use good quality, white or neutral colored paper.
Eliminate data that falls into the “padding” or “exaggeration” category
Do not include any negative information or weaknesses

Need Help
There are various resources available to help you write an effective resume such as: the Internet that offers an array of tools and guides, numerous books at the library and bookstore, and your teachers, counselors, and parents. If you have access to a computer, most word processing programs have a resume template that you can use to create your resume.

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