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  Letter of Recommendation
Some employers will request two-three letters of recommendation from someone that you know such as a reference. Letters of recommendation allow the coordinators to form an idea of who you are as an individual through someone else's opinion. These letters can be extremely important, and they should reveal information about you that is not necessarily mentioned in your application, resume, etc. A good letter of recommendation can often be persuasive to the coordinator, especially if there is a “borderline” decision between you and another applicant.

Who to Ask to Write a Letter of Recommendation
Ask people who have known you in different situations (i.e. job supervisor, professor, coach, religious leaders, etc.) so they may speak about your various qualities. A diverse group of letters can create a broader and more accurate picture of you as a person. Unfortunately, your parents/guardian and all family members are excluded.

 In general, the best letters of recommendation are from people who:
Have worked with you closely (i.e. teacher, coach, supervisor)
Have known you long enough to write with authority (i.e. academic advisor)
Are well known (i.e. a departmental chair, head coach, principal, instructor)
Have a positive opinion of you and your abilities

If you are not sure whether prospective letter writers know you well or have a positive impression of you to write a good letter, there is nothing wrong with asking them whether they would be able to write a good letter. After all, if you are going to compete with other applicants who have glowing letters of recommendation, a bland or somewhat positive letter from someone who does not really know you, besides your name on a roll call, can actually do more harm than good.

Advice and Tips
Once you have 3-4 letter writers, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of receiving glowing letters of recommendation:
Start Early
Give your writers plenty of time to write a good letter and not to miss any application deadlines. If you are going to ask a teacher or someone at school, you must ask them early, since their schedule gets busier throughout the school year. Make sure to give your writers as much time as possible before the application deadline. A minimum of three or four weeks is customary and will allow you to check back a few days before the deadline to ensure that the letter was completed and has been sent to the scholarship provider according to their guidelines. In some cases, letter writers may request the applicant to write the first draft.
Internship/Co-op Details
Give each reference information about the organization, internship/co-op position, guidelines, eligibility requirements, deadline, and specific instructions (if any) regarding the letter of recommendation.
Give Your Input
You can help your letter writers create a good letter of recommendation by providing them with useful information about yourself, especially if you have not worked with them for several months. This information will also refresh their memories with details of your goals, skills, work habits, and achievements. A good letter of recommendation should be not longer than two pages in length.

Below is the type of information letter writers often find helpful when writing recommendation letters:
• Career Objective
• Education
• Academic/Athletic Achievements
• Extracurricular Activities
• Work Experiences
• Resume

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