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  Cover letter
Your cover letter will serve as a SALES PRESENTATION to the employer. The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself to the company, state your objectives, highlight your education, experiences, and qualities, and sell yourself into an interview. A cover letter follows the basic business letter format, which should be typed and printed on the same color and quality of paper as your resume.

 Your cover letter should include:
Contact Information:
Always include your contact information on your cover letter. If your resume is separated from your cover letter, an employer will still know how to contact you.
Greeting Salutation:
Always address your cover letter to a particular individual; never use "To Whom It May Concern." If necessary, call the employer and request the name of the person responsible for selecting interns and co-op students for the position in your career field. Be sure to request the correct spelling and the job title of that person. If you cannot get the name, address your salutation to the title of the person, i.e. "Dear Internship Coordinator." Use "Dear Sir or Ms." as a last resort.
First Paragraph:
State your purpose or objective in the opening sentence of your letter. Specifically name the internship/co-op position for which you are applying so the employer knows immediately what you want. Tell how you heard of the position or organization. If your academic advisor suggested that you follow-up on this position, include his or her name here. For example, "Professor Jones suggested I contact you about . . ." Make sure you have permission from the person to whom you refer, and that the contact knows the person to whom you are sending your letter. Do some research about the employer and indicate in your letter why you are particularly interested in them. If possible, try to grab the reader's attention in this paragraph.
Second Paragraph:
Mention one or two qualifications you think would qualify you for the position and that would be of greatest interest to the internship/co-op coordinator. It can be effective to expand on one or two related experiences or specialized training listed in your resume. Do not repeat information on your resume word for word. Tell why you are particularly interested in this type of work.
Third Paragraph:
Close your letter by thanking the internship/co-op coordinator or interviewing committee for their consideration and requesting an interview. In any case, make sure that your closing statement is positive and requests a specific action from the reader.

Additional Tips:
Avoid sending your cover letter and resume to the personnel or human resources department of an employer. If you must send your cover letter and resume to personnel, send a copy to the person responsible for hiring for the position, as well.
Do not write a general or generic cover letter and send it to multiple employers. They will know a form letter when they see one. Always tailor your letter to the employer and position for which you are applying.

 When the cover letter is completed.
It should answer the following questions:
Tells your prospective employer what you can do for the company.
Why you feel you are qualified for the position.
Highlights important points in your resume.
Expand on any past experience that suits the particular internship or co-op for which you are applying.
Focuses on what you can contribute to the employer.
Ask for an interview

Need Help
There are various resources available to help you write an effective cover letter such as: the Internet that offers an arrays of tools and guides, numerous books at the library and bookstore, and your teachers, counselors, and parents.

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