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  Receiving Your Scholarship
The organization awarding your scholarship should provide you with information as to how the scholarship check will be distributed (to you or directly to your school). Some scholarship providers often require verification of enrollment or a billing statement from your school before disbursing the scholarship check. If this is the case, you should make a copy of your billing or registration statement, and send it (via mail or fax) to the scholarship provider.

If you need to know when to expect the arrival of the check, contact the sponsoring organization and ask when they mailed or intend to mail the scholarship check to avoid any problems (such as class cancellation). If necessary, inform the Bursar’s Office and they may grant you an extension on your payment deadline. There are different procedures and responses for disbursement of private scholarship checks.

Once your school receives your scholarship check, they will typically apply it to your tuition and fees, and room and board, first. If there is a remaining balance, it will be paid to you.

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Renewing Your Scholarship


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