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  Renewing Your Scholarship
If you receive a renewable scholarship, you must follow the scholarship provider’s guidelines and policies in order to remain eligible for their award. If you fail to maintain the organization’s renewal requirements, you are jeopardizing your scholarship. However, if you encountered unusual circumstances (such as personal/family hardship, serious illness, death of a family member, etc.), contact the scholarship provider to discuss your circumstances.

If you spoke to someone about your circumstances regarding your scholarship, you should take notes of everyone you had a conversation with (i.e. name, date, time) and a brief statement about the conversation. Keep everyone informed about your personal, family, or school situation, if the problem affects your scholarship(s).

General renewal requirements may include, not limited to:
Maintaining a certain grade point average GPA
Enrollment Status
Study within a designated career field
Attending a particular school
Submitting copies of your current transcript or semester progress reports.

You have completed the scholarship search and application process.


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