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  After Winning a Scholarship
After winning any scholarship, your job is not over. Scholarship providers expect you to continue to keep up the good work. If you start “slacking-off”, you may jeopardize your scholarship and possibly your enrollment in school.

As a scholarship recipient, you should:
Send a Thank You Letter
Send a Thank You letter to show your gratitude and appreciation. A Thank You letter should be short, simple, and sincere. You can add a personal touch by hand-writing the letter.
Avoid “Senioritis”
“Senioritis” (a.k.a. Senior Slump or Senior Slack) occurs when students start coasting through their senior year of high school, apparently spending more time working and partying and less time studying and completing “homework.” Your entire senior year is critical. However, the last semester of your senior year will be reviewed by the college you have chosen to attend, and the organization(s) that awarded you their scholarship(s). A poor performance (i.e. drop in grades) in the last semester of your senior year can result in your admission to college and/or scholarship being rescinded. You have worked too hard to see your efforts go down the “drain” by foolish mistakes in the last semester of school.
Notify Your School’s Financial Aid Office
It is up to you to decide whether or not to inform your school’s financial aid office about outside award(s), not listed on your financial aid package (i.e. award letter). If you do not notify your school, they may eventually find out about your outside award. Usually, this occurs whenever the scholarship provider submits the scholarship check directly to your school. If this is the case, the financial aid office will make adjustments as necessary. Avoid unpleasant surprises of receiving reduced aid or owing money back to the school. If you are unsure about how your outside award(s) will affect your financial aid package, contact your school's financial aid office to discuss your situation.
Continue Your Scholarship Search
Your goal should be to attend school for FREE. You should apply for as many scholarships that you are eligible for. If you find a winning strategy, stick to it.

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