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  Financial Aid Workshop
Many high schools, colleges, and organizations (i.e. state education agencies, banks, lenders) sponsor financial aid workshops to help high school students and their families get a better understanding of the college selection and financial aid process. These workshops typically take place during the months of November through February.

Most workshops are offered free of charge to the public. Be aware that some private organizations charge a fee for their workshops and to perform scholarship searches, but you can obtain the same information from a free financial aid workshops or scholarship search web sites.

Financial Aid Workshops typically provide families with the following information:
The College admission and financial aid process
How financial aid eligibility is determined
How to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and other relevant forms
Different Sources of Financial Aid

Workshops allow families to complete their FAFSA with financial aid professionals on-hand to answer individual questions. Because the FAFSA require specific financial information, participants may be asked to bring the following items to the workshop such as: Federal and State 1040 Tax returns for parents and students (if possible); W-2 Forms for parents and students; and Untaxed Income Amounts (i.e. AADC, SSI, Child Support, etc.). To expedite the process, families should complete the FAFSA as much as possible in advance of the workshop.

For additional information, contact your high school guidance counselor to see when you and your parent(s) can attend a workshop in your city/town.

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