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  High School Resources
Many students do not use the available resources at their high school. Your principal, guidance counselors, teachers, faculty, coaches, etc. are all part of a “networking center” to help students. You should ask any and everyone about possible scholarship opportunities to assist you with paying for school (i.e. college). Some high schools may offer scholarships for their own students continuing their education. Being persistent will pay-off.

Guidance Counselors
  Guidance counselors are excellent resources to ask about scholarship information. Typically, they are in contact with local businesses, private foundations, and community organizations that may offer scholarships to students. Guidance counselors assist students on a daily basis, and their job is to provide you and your parents with some form of guidance to assist you with your educational and career goals. Guidance counselors are typically helping several families and so they may not have time to contact you on a weekly basis. To avoid missing out on some golden scholarship opportunities, you should visit your guidance counselor(s) at least once a week to inquire about any scholarships.

  Teachers, coaches, and faculty members are often overlooked by students seeking scholarships. These administrators may be aware of some scholarships offered by their professional organizations, local businesses, or clubs.

  Your school’s library should have some books and magazines on the subject of financial aid. Visit and review the different publications at your library. The majority of the books are located in the reference section of the library. Your school’s librarian may be aware of some local scholarships for students. Do not hesitate to ask.

Fellow Students
  Ask your fellow students that are continuing their education about any scholarship(s) opportunities they may know about that may be available to you. Some students may not want to tell you about their scholarship opportunities, since you may be in competition against them.

  If you are a member of a club/organization at your school, ask the organization’s advisor or president about possible scholarships for members. If your club/organization is one of many chapters, contact the national and regional offices and inquire about scholarship opportunities for members. It is best to ask the secretary or receptionist, since most announcements are filtered through their desk, or they can forward your call to the appropriate person(s) or department.

School Newspaper/Newsletters
  Some local and community scholarships may be announced in your school’s newspaper or newsletters.

Bulletin Boards
  Information about scholarships may be posted on the bulletin boards in your school’s main office, counselor’s office, near the lunchroom, or other high traffic areas where students filter through during regular school hours. Whenever you are walking through the halls of your school, take a glance at the bulletin boards for scholarship information.

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Collegiate Resources


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