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  Collegiate Resources
Many students do not use the available resources at their institution. Your deans, professors, counselors, teachers, faculty, coaches, etc. are all part of a “networking center” to help students complete their education. Ask any and everyone about possible scholarship opportunities. Being persistent will pay-off.

Web Site
  Visit the web site of each school you plan to/currently attend. Most schools post information about their financial aid programs and scholarships on their web site. You should browse the following areas on each web site: admissions, financial aid, academic departments, clubs and organizations, school sponsored awards, etc.

The Financial Aid Office (FAO) and Administrators
  The financial aid office administers and oversees how federal, state, and institutional aid is allocated to its students. Within each financial aid office, there are several financial aid administrators to help you and your parents understand the entire financial aid process. The financial aid administrator is your best resource about financial aid programs and application procedures, especially at that particular school. If you have any questions, you should not hesitate to call with your questions. Their service is FREE.

The school's financial aid office may have additional information on awards sponsored by alumni and private organizations that are designated for students attending their school. There may be several binders with a listing of scholarships, a computerized database, and/or a bulletin board with posted information within the financial aid office.

Career Center / Placement Office
  Many schools have a career center/placement office for their students. The purpose of these offices is for students to be informed about internships, cooperative education programs, and job opportunities. Visit your school’s career center/placement office and ask the staff, if they are aware of any scholarships and/or internship opportunities for students in your field of study. Some scholarship and internship opportunities may be posted on the bulletin boards within their office. There may be several binders with a listing of scholarships, a computerized database, and/or a bulletin board with posted information within the career center.

Professors / Coaches / Faculty Members
  Professors, coaches, and faculty members are often overlooked by students seeking scholarships. These administrators may be aware of some scholarships specifically for your major awarded by industry businesses or organizations of which they belong. These administrators are in contact with outside sources (i.e. national and regional businesses) that may offer scholarships and internship opportunities, or they may know of another scholarship sponsor to assist you. The financial aid office may not be aware of some departments that offer their own scholarships. If you are an athlete, ask your coach about any scholarship opportunities.

Alumni Associations
  Most institutions have an alumni association in which its members give generous donations to help provide scholarships to students attending their school. In order to be eligible for these awards, you must also meet other eligibility requirements. Ask your academic advisor and visit your school’s alumni affairs office and/or student affairs office (if applicable) to inquire about possible scholarships.

Cultural Centers
  Most schools have cultural centers for students of various ethnic and religious backgrounds to relax and gather with their peers. If you fall within any of these categories, visit the cultural center on campus and inquire about any scholarship opportunities. Review any materials posted on the bulletin board and newsletters. Ask the director or receptionist, if the cultural center offer scholarships or know of organizations on- or off-campus that provide scholarships, grants, or fellowships for students.

Fellow Students
  Ask your fellow students, if they heard of any scholarships announcements or applied to any in the previous years. Some students may be hesitant to tell you about their scholarship opportunities, since you may be in competition against them.

Fraternities and Sororities
  Many fraternities and sororities offer scholarships to its members and non-members. Contact the fraternities and sororities on your campus for more information. You should also contact the organization’s national headquarters and regional offices for scholarship information.

Clubs / Organizations
  If you are a member of a club/organization at your school, ask the organization’s advisor or president about possible scholarships for members. If your club/organization is one of many chapters, contact the national and regional offices and inquire about scholarship opportunities for members. It is best to ask the secretary or receptionist, since most announcements are filtered through their desk, or they can forward your call to the appropriate person(s) or department.

School Newspaper
  Some local, community, and national scholarships are announced in your school’s newspaper.

Bulletin Boards
  Information about scholarships and internships may be posted on the bulletin boards in/or around your academic department’s main office, dean’s office, main entrance to the building, or other high traffic areas. Whenever you are walking through the halls of your school’s buildings on campus, take a glance at the bulletin boards for scholarship and internship information.

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