Questionnaires Completion Guidelines

There are various questionnaires available for you to complete and post information about your program(s) and/or award(s) into the appropriate My AvScholars Directories (according to your account category).

Questionnaire Completion Guidelines
1. Complete all questionnaires in English.

If your school/organization offers multiple scholarships, internships, cooperative education programs and/or summer/youth programs, please complete a questionnaire for each award or program. This will eliminate any misunderstanding and mismatches.

3. Select all the appropriate check boxes that apply to your programs, scholarships, internships/cooperative education programs, and/or summer/youth programs. The more information you provide the fewer calls, emails, or requests you will receive from unqualified applicants.
4. Forward the appropriate questionnaire(s) to other departments, if you are unable to complete various parts of the questionnaire(s).