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AvScholars.com's Career Speakers Program was created as an outreach program with the goal of promoting and introducing students to the many career opportunities that exist within the fields of aviation/aerospace, as they plan for their futures. The objective of this program is to provide an opportunity for interested students to relate to a professional in his/her career.

By providing students with a realistic picture of what is involved in a particular career field, the path of entry into the field, and the necessary education; they can set goals for themselves. They can also understand the skills that are taught in school can be applied to the workplace.

We plan to establish a presence in elementary, middle, and high schools through participation in their career days/fairs. We invite institutions, flight schools, businesses, and organizations to join in our efforts to expose students to various careers within the aviation/aerospace industry by registering to become a career speaker. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your school, organization, or company for FREE.

What is a Career Speaker?
A career speaker is someone who volunteers his/her time to make a career-related presentation at a local school in their community per school’s request. A career speaker may be invited individually or as part of a panel of speakers. Typically, a career speaker speaks to approximately 20-30 students about a specific career for a classroom period (approximately 50 minutes) during a regular school day. Some teachers may request the speaker to do the same presentation several times to various grade levels or classes. *Note: A career speaker is a volunteer position in which you will not be compensated for expenses (i.e. travel).

Why Volunteer?
This is an excellent opportunity to promote your school, organization, or company for FREE. Volunteering as a career speaker is one of the best ways to share yourself and your profession with students. Students have access to numerous publications and videos on career topics, but these materials cannot match the speaker-to-students interactions. One of the unique aspects of being a career speaker is that students can hear first hand information from someone who actually has experience in that career field. This makes an occupation "come alive" to students and they can ask questions which cannot be found in a book.

How does the Career Speakers Program Works?

As a registered career speaker, you will be entered into the AvScholars' Career Speakers database. Once there is a request for a career speaker from a school in your state, all registered career speakers that reside in your state will be contacted via email regarding the school’s request, location and event date. Once we receive a response from interested volunteer career speaker(s), the school’s administrator will be notified of possible participants. AvScholars will then exchange complete contact information between both parties (host school and volunteer career speaker). The host school will then contact the career speaker and send a Speaker Confirmation Letter to confirm the speaking engagement and provide necessary information.

Speaking Materials
To assist our career speakers with their presentations, they download the following materials:
AvScholars Career Speaker Brochure
  This brochure will help prepare speakers for their presentation by providing them with an outline, suggestions, and ideas.
AvScholars Speaking Aids
  Our speaking aids (i.e. transparent) will help speakers cover a variety of subjects, or use them in conjunction with their existing presentation format.
AvScholars Brochure
  Our brochure/poster are used as marketing tools to promote the features and services on AvScholars.com and to attract new visitors to our web site.

Career Speaker Guidelines and Policies
We have developed a few guidelines and policies that is expected of all AvScholars Career Speakers. This ensures consistency and maintains the mission and goals of the AvScholars' Career Speakers Program. Participation in this program means acceptance of these guidelines and policies below.
1. Career speaker agrees not to accept payment for speaking engagements arranged by The AvScholars Network Foundation.
2. Career speaker will adhere to all rules and regulations of the host school.
3. Career speaker must enter through the school’s main doors and check into the main office to obtain a visitor’s pass prior to his/her presentation, which is required.
4. Career speaker agrees to distribute AvScholars.com promotional materials to students and administrators.
5. Career speaker agrees to notify the school, if (s)he can not attend the scheduled appearance, as soon as possible.
6. Career speaker agrees to complete the Career Speaker Evaluation Form online after the presentation.

Become a Career Speaker
If you are interested in volunteering your time as a career speaker, please complete the form below. Submission of this form does not ensure that you will give a presentation immediately, as scheduling is dependent on requests from elementary/high school educators. We appreciate your participation and look forward to working with you. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

NOTE: We do NOT sell, trade, exchange, or otherwise transfer the email addresses and other personal data traveling through our system.
Address 1:*
Address 2:
Zip/Postal Code:*
Home Number:
Work Number:
What grade level(s) do you prefer to speak too?*
Elementary (K-5)    Middle (6-8)    High School (9-12)
Collegiate Level    Adult Audience    Any Grade Level
How much notice do you need before a speaking engagement?*
Few Days      1-2 Weeks      1 Month
Would you be willing to travel outside your local area to address an audience of students?* (i.e. Driving to a nearby suburb or city school). Yes    No
Briefly tell us about your background and experiences:*
Additional Comments:
Note: By submitting this form indicates that you have read and agree to the Career Speaker Guidelines and Policies.
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