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  Diversity Advertising Specifications
Thank You for your interest in becoming an advertiser. Provided below is the Diversity Advertising Specification information you requested. These rates and terms are effective as of October 23, 2003 and are subject to change.

Diversity Sectors
Banner Specifications
Profile Page Specifications
Advertising Minimum Commitment
Frequency and Discounts
Submission of Advertisement
Payment Method
Advertising Terms and Conditions
Ad Insertion Order Form

Diversity Sectors
AvScholars provides schools, organizations, and companies with a marketing tool to foster a diverse learning environment and workplace. You can target students and job seekers from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and genders by promoting your school’s recruiting or company's hiring needs within the Minorities and/or Women Sectors of AvScholars.com.

We recommend that you browse the Minorities and/or Women Sectors to familiarize yourself with the information provided within these sectors.

Banner Specifications

We offer flat fee advertising rates, rather than a click-through or impression structure, to make it easier for advertisers to estimate the cost of a proposed ad campaign. No setup fees are charged. All banners are subject to editorial approval.

For standardization purposes, we do not accept ads that incorporate Shockwave, Future Splash, video, sound, or any other multimedia format at this present time. All banner ads are served from the AvScholars web server to guarantee a faster loading time.

Short Button Banner

Dimensions: Max. 120w X 60h pixels
Format: Static and Animated GIF or JPEG Only
Animation: Max. 3 loop limit on all animated Gif's
Size: 20k Max.
Alternate Text: Max 60 Characters (including spaces and punctuation)
Link URL: One active linking URL per banner creative.
Location: Middle of Minorities and/or Women Sector within the Diversity Recruitment Advertising Section
Duration: Min. 2 Months (60 Days)
Note: Absolutely NO pop-up or pop-under ads

Profile Page Specifications
Your profile page will include:
• School Name/Logo
• Detailed Contact Information
• 5 Photos
• Max. 1000 word description
• Hyperlink to Your Web Site
• Active email address
Sample Profile Page

$800 per month/sector

Advertising Minimum Commitment
The minimum advertising commitment is 2 months (60 days).

Frequency and Discounts
Advertisers contracting for six months or more are eligible for a 10% discount applied to their total advertising insertion order.

Your diversity advertising campaign will start on the first day of the month. Your advertising insertion order must be received no later than 5 business days before the scheduled start date of your Advertising campaign.

Submission of Advertisement
Advertiser will deliver all Advertisements to AvScholars no later than 5 business days before the scheduled start date of Advertising campaign.

Payment Method

All advertising must be paid in advance prior to starting any advertising campaign on AvScholars.com. Acceptable payment methods are by check or major credit card (MasterCard, VISA or American Express) in U.S. dollars. AvScholars accepts purchase orders from educational institutions and government agencies. All purchase order terms are Net 30 days. Payment as shall be made to The AvScholars Network Foundation.

Advertising Terms and Conditions
It is important that you read and agree to the Advertising Terms and Conditions which governs this Ad Insertion Order.

Diversity Ad Insertion Order Form
If you are interested in advertising your program, product, or services on AvScholars.com, please complete the Diversity Ad Insertion Order Form.


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