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Chicago, IL, November 14, 2003 – The AvScholars Network Foundation (AvScholars) announced today that it has unveiled the new design of AvScholars.com. AvScholars.com will be the premier aviation educational and career-related web site. The new site design offers greater ease of use, improved navigations, and added features. This web site provides college-bound students, parents, educators, and high school guidance counselors with a comprehensive online resource that assists students and their parents with all aspects of pursuing a higher education and career within the field of aviation/aerospace. Access to AvScholars.com is FREE.

AvScholars.com offers an array of new features and services to help kids/youth, minorities, women, and college-bound students plan for a career in aviation. In addition to being a valuable resource for students, AvScholars.com will also help parents and educators assist in their children and students education by directing them to the appropriate resources that can provide guidance and support, as necessary. There are over 16 channels (content areas) and interactive tools to guide students and their parents to key areas, enabling them to easily find the information, resources, and tools they need to make an educated decision about their education and career. Major features on AvScholars.com range from career descriptions, preparing for college and/or flight school, to applying for financial aid, finding an internship/job, and more at one location, entirely online. For more information, visit http://www.avscholars.com.

“As we received feedback from students preparing and planning for a career in aviation/aerospace, their parents, and educators, we learned that there was no single Web site that helped students and parents navigate through the entire process of pursuing a career in aviation/aerospace,” said Sedgwick Hines, Executive Director of The AvScholars Network Foundation. “AvScholars.com has the content, resources, and tools that will help students and their parents with all phases of pursuing a higher education and career within the field of aviation/aerospace. AvScholars.com will become one of the premier Web sites for students interested in aviation/aerospace.”

AvScholars.com is a community effort. Some channels are still underdevelopment. This is your invitation to get involved as an advertiser/sponsor, content provider, message board moderator, and/or expert panelist. For more information, visit http://www.avscholars.com/contact.htm.

About The AvScholars Network Foundation
The AvScholars Network Foundation, a nonprofit (501(c)3) organization, promotes education and career advancement for students interested in pursuing a career within the field of aviation/aerospace. AvScholars.com is our Internet initiative to help students and families plan for all aspects of a higher education and career within the aviation/aerospace industry. Since March 2000, AvScholars.com has received over 2.9 million visitors.

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