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Content is one of our most valuable assets.  Students today need guidance to make the most of their education.  Become a contributing writer and share your expertise with thousands of students.  We encourage teachers, administrators, counselors, and employers to submit educational, informational, and career-related articles to help students pursuing a career in the field of aviation/aerospace.

We are always looking for in-depth information that will help students such as:
• College Admission
• Flight Training
• Financial Aid & Scholarships
• Career Planning
• Job Opportunities
• Youth Programs
• Etc.

Article Guidelines
Your submission of an article shall constitute agreement to the following conditions and limitations:

Each article should be concise and specific.  It should cover a single, well-focused topic in depth.  Your article(s) need to communicate information quickly.  Reason: “Long-winded” articles will lose our readers interest, which results in losing our visitors.  Some longer articles may be broken into multiple parts.  For authors who submit multiple articles, we will work out special arrangements to give you additional visibility on AvScholars.com.
Articles may be new, original work, or they may be articles that have been previously published elsewhere.  However, you must own the copyrights and grant to the AvScholars Network Foundation the right to publish, duplicate, and edit your article for length and content, as necessary.
All articles remains the property of the author(s).
The article may not include any reference to your school, company, or products.
By submitting your article, you represent that you are its author or creator, or that you are submitting it with the permission of its author or creator who has agreed to these terms and conditions.
By submitting this article, you are giving permission to The AvScholars Network Foundation to print, revise and reprint these materials on AvScholars.com, as necessary.
Articles need to be proofread, grammar and spell checked, PRIOR to submission.

Submitted articles reflect the views and opinions of the author(s) and not of The AvScholars Network Foundation unless indicated otherwise.  AVSCHOLARS.COM and the slogan "Student gateway to aviation, aerospace, and space exploration!" are service marks used by The AvScholars Network Foundation.  Any other trademarks, trade names, service marks, or service names used on this site such as in your article remain the property of their respective owners.

Your efforts will not go unnoticed.  We cannot pay you cash for your article, but as a consideration for the value you add to AvScholars.com, we will include with each article:
• Your byline
• Your e-mail address as a link
• A link to your Web site
Submit Your Article:
You can submit your article by completing the form below.  All authors whose articles are selected for publishing on AvScholars.com or within AvScholars eTimes will be notified.
This service will be available soon.
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