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Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC)
Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a college elective designed to allow young men and women who desire to be commissioned as officers in the U.S. Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines) upon graduation from college. ROTC is a nationally standardized program that is offered at hundreds of private and public colleges and universities throughout the United States, which is open to all college students regardless of major or academic year.

The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Merchant Marine have their own ROTC programs. The Coast Guard does not a ROTC program. Each branch of the military has a specific set of courses and training that cadets must complete prior to joining the U.S. Armed Forces. Participants must attend ROTC classes as a part of their curriculum. The credits received from ROTC classes are applied toward their diploma. The focus of the ROTC program is leadership development. Students learn problem solving techniques, decision-making skills, planning and organizing skills, interpersonal communications skills, professional ethics and responsibilities, and other management and leadership skills. Leadership labs and field training exercises supplement classroom work with practical leadership training and experience.

Upon graduation from college, ROTC graduates are commissioned (certified) by the President of the United States to fulfill their military obligations on active duty as regular or reserve officers as an ensign for the Navy or second lieutenant for the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps. The military obligation (commitment) will vary for each branch of the military.

ROTC is traditionally a Four-Year Program, which is divided into two parts:
1. Basic Course
  The Basic Course is normally taken in your freshman and sophomore years. This includes classroom studies in subjects such as military history, leadership development and national defense. You can enroll in the program without any commitment (no obligation) to the military for the first two years, if you don’t have a ROTC scholarship. Acceptance of a ROTC Scholarship requires a commitment to serve as an officer for the service terms outline in the contract after graduation.

If you miss the first two years of ROTC, are a graduate of a junior or community college, are entering a two-year postgraduate course of study, or are in high school planning to attend a Military Junior College, you may still qualify for a commission through the two-year Program.

2. Advanced Course
  After you have successfully completed the Basic Course, you can compete to gain admission into the Advanced Course. The Advanced Course is usually taken during your two final years of college and includes a paid five-week Advanced Camp that is normally attended in the summer between your junior and senior years. During this part of the program, you can apply your newfound management skills to the test. You will also continue to receive instruction in tactics, ethics and professionalism.

ROTC Scholarship
ROTC awards scholarships to hundreds of students each year at college campuses across the United States. These scholarships are awarded strictly on merit – to the most outstanding students who apply, regardless of their family’s financial status. ROTC scholarships vary based on the branch of service and the type and/or length of the scholarship. ROTC scholarships provide money for college tuition, educational fees, books, and in some cases a monthly allowance. Scholarship recipients participate in summer training while in college and must fulfill their military obligation either active duty or reserve service after graduation.

If you are interested in learning more about the ROTC Programs, eligibility requirements, benefits, and application procedures, contact the ROTC representative at the school you currently/plan to attend. Current information can also be obtained by visiting their web site, calling, or writing to the ROTC headquarters for each Service at:

Gold QUEST Center
Box 3279
Warminster, PA 18794-0128
Tel. (800) USA-ROTC

Navy Opportunity
Information Center
PO Box 9406
Gaithersburg, MD 20898-9979
Tel. (800) 327-NAVY or 1-800-USA-NAVY

Recruiting Division
Maxwell Air Force Base
Maxwell, AL 36112-6106
Tel. (205) 953-2091 or 1-800-522-0033 x2091

Command General
Marine Corps Recruiting Consul
Code MRON, 2 Navy Annex
Washington, DC 20380-1775
Tel. (703) 614-8541 or 1-800-MARINES

Career Profiles of ROTC Cadets - Coming Soon!
If your son or daughter wants to see what real-life experiences in ROTC can be like, introduce them to these five people. They represent a cross-section of services and backgrounds.

Marine Corps ROTC
Air Force ROTC

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