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Civil Air Patrol (CAP)

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) functions as an official auxiliary of the United States Air Force. The CAP established its Cadet Program to build responsible citizens for America through a positive approach to aerospace, leadership, and life skills. The CAP Cadet program is designed for young people aged 12 through 21 years old. During the summer, Civil Air Patrol offers multiple Flight Academies nationwide providing actual flight training. The CAP also provides assistance to parents and teachers wanting information on aviation education. If you are interested in becoming a CAP Cadet or have questions about the program, visit the CAP web site or contact a CAP Unit near you.

Profiles of CAP Cadets - Coming Soon!
If your son or daughter wants to see what real-life experiences in CAP can be like, introduce them to these five people.

CAP Cadet
CAP Cadet
CAP Cadet
CAP Cadet

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