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Sample College Interview Questions

General Questions
Tell me a little about yourself.
• Give me three characteristics that describe you.
• What are your career goals?
• What makes you who you are?
• What would you like to change about yourself?
• What are your best traits?
• What are your faults?
• What are your favorite subjects or books, and why?
• If you could do anything to change the world, what would you change and why?
• What has been the biggest challenge you have faced?
• What are some of your accomplishments and failures?
• What are you most proud of?
• What are your strengths and weaknesses?
• What person, event, or experience has influenced you the most? Why?
• Who is your role model? Why?
• How would your teachers or friends describe you?

High School-Related Questions
• What have you liked and disliked about high school?
• Who is your favorite teacher and why?
• If you were principal, what would you change?
• How do you manage your time?
• What extracurricular activities do you enjoy?
• Are you involved in community service?
• What's the most important lesson you learned in high school?
• If you could redo the last four years, what would you do differently?

College-Related Questions
• Why do you want to go to college?
• How did you find out about our college?
• Why do you want to attend this college?
• What are you looking for in an education at our college?
• What other colleges have you applied to?
• What are you interested in studying?
• Why have you chosen your specified major? Where and what do you hope to do with it?
• What did you like or dislike about the college during your campus tour?
• What would be the factor that would make you the most ideal candidate for the school?
• What leadership roles do you see yourself pursuing at this college?
• What do you see yourself doing after college?
• What do you hope to gain from your college experience?
• What ELSE do you want us to know about you?

Ask for clarification of questions when necessary.
Keep your responses positive, reinforcing your specific interests and qualifications.
Relate your actual experiences by including them into your answer(s). Do not attempt to falsify any examples or create lies.
Don't memorize your answers to these question; you do not want to sound as if you are reading from a script. You also don't want to be caught without an answer to basic questions.
If asked questions about your strengths, weaknesses, or qualifications, you should give a solid example of how each item helped you achieve your goals.

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Sample Questions to Ask the Interviewer

Written by: Sedgwick Hines Copyright 2004 AvScholars Publishing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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