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After being admitted to a College

The Waiting Game
After submitting your application package, be patient and wait for a response letter. A response letter is generally sent to notify applicants that they received their application packages. If you don't receive a response letter, contact the colleges’ admissions office to be sure your application package arrived. The college acceptance/denial letter may take anywhere from one to six months to receive, which is dependent on the school, the number of applications they receive and the program you are applying for.

After Being Admitted to College
When you receive an acceptance letter, you will also receive a package of information regarding registration, housing, orientation and other enrollment procedures. Return the necessary forms to your chosen school. After being admitted to college, your job is not over. The college admission’s office expects you to continue to keep up the good work. If you start “slacking-off”, you may jeopardize your enrollment in school and possibly your scholarships.

As a college-bound student, you should:
Avoid “Senioritis”
“Senioritis” (a.k.a. Senior Slump or Senior Slack) occurs when students start coasting through their senior year of high school, apparently spending more time working and partying and less time studying and completing “homework assignments.” Your entire senior year is critical. However, the last semester of your senior year will be reviewed by the college you have chosen to attend and the organization(s) that awarded you their scholarship(s). A poor performance (i.e. drop in grades) in the last semester of your senior year can result in your admission to college and/or scholarship being rescinded.
Continue Your Scholarship Search
Your goal should be to attend school for FREE. You should apply to as many scholarships that you are eligible for If you find a winning strategy, stick to it. Visit Pay for School channel to learn more about financial aid and how to apply for scholarships.

Enjoy Your College Expereinces!

Written by: Sedgwick Hines Copyright 2004 AvScholars Publishing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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