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Careers in Aviation
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Careers in Aviation
  Step 5: Gain Hands-on Experience
You can learn more about an aviation career through hands-on experiences by:

Aviation: Job Shadowing
Job Shadowing is observing someone at work. A job shadow is a work site experience during which a student spends time one-on-one with an employee observing daily activities and asking questions about the job and industry. This provides kids/youth and teenagers nationwide with an up-close look at how skills learned in school are put to use in the workplace. Your school’s teachers and/or career guidance counselors should be able to arrange a job shadow day with a company in the career field you are interested in pursuing.

 Job shadowing helps a student accomplish the following:
Begin to identify career interests.
Observe the daily routine of an employee.
Gain awareness of the academic, technical, and personal skills required by particular jobs.
Develop and apply communications skills by interacting with and interviewing workers.
Realize that different jobs are characterized by different work cultures and working environments.
Begin to understand the connection between school, work, and achieving goals.
Gain first hand experience and information about a career, a career path, and the place of employment.
Learn how people became successful in their careers.

National Job Shadow Day is a nationwide effort to introduce kids/youth and teenagers to the world of work by giving them an up-close look at the workplace. Each January associations and businesses across America join forces in support of National Job Shadow Day. It is anticipated that more than one million students and 100,000 businesses will participate in Job Shadowing 2004.

Aviation: Summer/Youth Camps

Some aviation summer/youth camps allow participants to learn about various careers within their industry by offering field trips, hand-on learning programs, presentations from career speakers, and more. To find out more about aviation summer/youth camps, search My AvScholars’ Summer/Youth Programs Directory or browse the Kids/Youth Sector.

Aviation: Internships and Cooperative Education Programs
Internships allow you to apply your skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to actual on-the-job experiences. Many employers offer these programs for students to learn more about a particular career field, gain real world work experience, and possibly earn money to help pay for their education. Most public and private institutions have partnerships with companies to employ their students. These programs are typically offered to college students. However, some programs are available to high school students. If you are interested in an internship, contact your career guidance counselor and/or a company in the career field you are interested in pursuing, or search My AvScholars’ Internship Directory.



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