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Aviation Colleges Learn to Fly Scholarships and Financial Aid Students Studying Graduation
  Careers in Aviation

Access information to Aviation Careers, Aviation Colleges, Learn to Fly, Aviation Scholarships, and more!

AvScholars.com is your student gateway to aviation. You have FREE access to various information ranging from Careers in Aviation, Aviation Colleges, Learn to Fly, Pay for School and Flight Training, to finding Aviation Jobs and more. This is your one-stop resource for pursuing a career within the aviation industry. There are over 18 Channels for you to choose from to jump start your aviation education and career.

Select a Channel below to access the information you need:
As aviation remains an integral part of our society, there will be a growing need for qualified personnel. The aviation industry offers a wide range of career opportunities to suit many interests, skills, and backgrounds. The aviation industry is not limited to pilots, ticket agents, airport administrators, astronomy, and other related careers. This industry encompasses a variety of careers such as science, engineering, mathematics, medicine, business, law, technology, communications, and many more.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in aviation, you’re in the right place! Here are a few steps you can follow to explore various careers in aviation:

Step 1: Considering a Career in Aviation?
Step 1: Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself, if you are considering a career in aviation.
Sample questions you want to ask yourself:
What are my interests and career goals?
Am I open to change?
Am I flexible to work different hours? Holidays?
Do I work well in a team environment?
Step 2: Aviation Careers
Step 2: Learn about various types of career opportunities within the field of aviation.
Sample Career Categories:
Pilot Careers
Aircraft and Systems Maintenance
Airline and Airport Operations
Law-Related Services
Step 3: Exploring Your Career Choice(s)
Step 3: You should carefully explore each career field that you are considering; the best job is the one that matches you interests.
Steps to help you explore your career interests:
Self Assessment
How to research your career field.
Educational and Training Requirements
Employment sectors and employers
Step 4: College Choices
Step 4: Now that you have identified your career choice, your next step is to select a school that match your needs.
Topics to help you understand your choices:
Types of Post-Secondary Schools
How to choose a school
Colege Costs
Financial Aid

Diversity in Aviation
Diversity in Aviation, as in other industries, is essential. In the past, not many women or members of ethnic minority groups (i.e. African-American, Hispanics, Native-American, etc) pursued careers in aviation/aerospace or other related career fields (i.e. meteorology, astronomy, space exploration). In aviation, as in many other industries, many institutions and employers are actively recruiting women and minorities to create a diverse learning and work environment.

If you are a member of an ethnic minority group and/or woman, visit the Outreach Sectors on AvScholars.com. Learn more about various organizations, programs, and services offered for women and members of various ethnic minority groups. Parents and educators are also encouraged to browse the Outreach Sectors to assist in their children and students education. Each sector offers a wide range of information, resources, and interactive tools for each targeted audience.

The Outreach Sectors consist of:



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AvScholars.com is the student gateway to aviation. Your one-stop resource to aviation careers, aviation colleges, learn to fly, flight training, aviation scholarships, and more.

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