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Aviation Acronyms and Abbreviations


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- J -
JAL Japan Air Lines

JAN January

JAR Joint Airworthiness Regulations

JATO Jet Assisted Takeoff

JL Japan Air Lines

JSRA Joint Sponsored Research Agreement

JUL July

JUN June

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- K -
KG Kilogram

kHz kilohertz

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

km Kilometer

KT (kts) Knots

kW Kilowatt

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- L -
L Left

LAT Latitude

LAX Identifier for Los Angeles

LCN Local Communications Network.


LFR Low-frequency Radio Range

LIM Limit

LMM Compass locator at the middle marker

LNAV Lateral Navigation (provides computer description of aircraft's planned lateral flight path that can be tracked by the autoflight system; lateral path can be shown on map display.)

LO Low

LOC Localizer Beam

LOE Line Oriented Evaluation

LOFT Line Oriented Flight Training

LOM Compass Locator at the Outer Marker

LON Longitude

LORAN Long Range Navigation

LOS Line-Oriented Simulation

LRC Long Range Cruise

LRU Line Replaceable Unit

LVL CHG Level Change

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- M -
M Mach Number

M Manual Tuned NAVAID

MAA Maximum Authorized IFR Altitude

MAG Magnetic

MAINT Maintenance

MAN Manual

MAP Missed Approach

MAR March

M/ASI Mach/Airspeed Indicator

MAX Maximum

MAX CLB Maximum engine thrust for two-engine climb

MAX CRZ Maximum engine thrust for two-engine cruise

MCA Minimum Crossing Altitude

MCDU Multipurpose Control Display Unit

MCP Mode Control Panel (pilots' interface to the autoflight system; usually located centrally just below cockpit glare shield)

MCT Maximum Continuous Thrust

MCW Modulated Continuous Wave

MDA McDonnell-Douglas Aerospace

MDA Minimum Descent Altitude

MDL Multipurpose Data Link

MEA Minimum Enroute Altitude

MEL Minimum Equipment List

MIDAS Man-Machine Integration Design and Analysis System (NASA Ames)

MIDAS Multi-discipline Data Analysis System

MILSPEC Military Specifications

MIN Minutes

MIN Minimum

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MLA ManeuverLimited Altitude

MLE Landing Gear Extended Placard Mach Number

MLS Microwave Landing System

MMO Mach Max Operating

MN Magnetic North

MOA Memorandum of Agreement

MOCA Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude

MOD Modified/Modification

Mode S Type of secondary surveillance radar (SSR) equipment which provides Mode A and Mode C interrogations, discrete address (Mode S) interrogations from the ground or air, and a data link capability

MODIS Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectrometer

MRA Minimum Reception Altitude

MSG Message

MSL Mean Sea Level

MTBF Mean Time Between Failures

MU Management Unit

MWP Meteorological Weather Processor

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- N -
  N North

NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

NADIN II National Airspace Data Interchange Network II (the national digital message switching network for aeronautical data)

NAS National Airspace System

NAS National Aircraft Standard

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

N/A Not Applicable

NATCA National Air Traffic Controllers Association

NAV Navigation

NAVAID Navigational Aid

NBAA National Business Aircraft Association

NGATM New Generation Air Traffic Manager

ND Navigation Display

NDB Nondirectional Radio Beacon

NESDIS National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service

NLM Network Loadable Module

NLR National Research Laboratory (The Netherlands)

NM Nautical Mile

NMC National Meteorological Center

NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOTAM Notice for Airman

NOV November

NRP National Route Program

NTSB National Transportation Safety Board

NW Northwest Airlines

NWS National Weather Service

Nl Engine Revolutions per Minute (percent)

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- O -

OAG Official Airline Guide

OAT Outside AirTemperature

OATS Orbit and Attitude Tracking

OBTEX Offboard Targeting Experiments

OCT October

ODAPS Operational OGE Data Acquisition and Patch Subsystem

OFST Lateral Offset Active Light

OGE Operational Ground Equipment

OIS OGE Input Simulator

OO SkyWest Airlines

OP Operational

OPT Optimum

O-QAR Optical Quick Access Recorder

OSI Open Sytem Interconnection (ISO defined communications architecture used in data link to permit heterogeneous data communication systems to be interconnected in order to allow the reliable exchange of messages without regard to the implementation of the networks and physical media through which the messages pass)

OTFP Operational Traffic Flow Planning

OV Overseas National Airways

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- P -
P Procedure-Required Tuned NAVAID

PA Pan Am

PAR Precision Approach Radar

PAWES Performance Assessment and Workload Evaluation

PBD Place Bearing/Distance (way point)

PD Profile Descent

PDB Performance Data Base

PDC Pre Departure Clearance

PERF Performance

PF Pilot Flying

PFD Primary Flight Display

PHARE Program for Harmonized ATC Research in Europe

PHIBUF Performance Buffet Limit

PHINOM Nominal Bank Angle

PIREPS Pilot Reports

PMS Performance Management System

PND Primary Navigation Display

PNF Pilot Not Flying

POS Position

POS INIT Position Initialization

POS REF Position Reference

PPI Plan Position Indicator

PPOS Present Position

PREV Previous

PROC Procedure

PROF Profile

PROG Progress Page on MCDU

PROV Provisional

PS Pacific Southwest Airways

PT Total Pressure

PTH Path

PVD Plan View Display

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- Q -
QAR Quick Access Recorder

QNH Quantity

QRH The barometric pressure as reported by a particular station

QTY Quantity

QUAD Quadrant

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- R -
R Right

R Route Tuned NAVAID

RAD Radial

RAD Radio

RAPS Recovery Access Presentation System

RASCAL Rotorcraft Air Crew Systems Concepts Airborne Laboratory

RCP Radio Control Panel

R/C Rate of Climb

RDP Radar Data Processing (system)

REF Reference

REQ Required/Requirement

REQ Request

RESTR Restriction

RESYNCING Resynchronizing

rf radio frequency

RMPs Radio Management Panels

RNAV Area Navigation (generic acronym for any device capable of aircraft guidance between pilot-defined waypoints

RNP Required Navigation Performance

Router An ATN network layer gateway which performs the relaying and routing of data packets across interconnecting subnetworks based on the source and destination network layer addresses and the desired quality of network service

RTA Required Time of Arrival

RTCA Radio Technical Committee on Aeronautics

RTE Route

RVR Runway Visual Range

RW Runway

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- S -
 S South

SA Situation Awareness

SAS Scandinavian Airlines System

SAT Static Air Temperature

SATCOM Satellite Communications

SBIR Small Business Innovative Research

S/C Step Climb

SEA/TAC Seattle/Tacoma International Airport

SEL Selected

SEP September

SESMA Special Event Search and Master Analysis

SID Standard Instrument Departure

SIGMET Significant Meteorological Information

SITA Société Internationale Télécommunique Aéronautique

SO Southern Airways

SOP Standard Operating Procedure

SOPA Standard Operating Procedure Amplified

SP Space

SPD Speed Mode

SPS Sensor Processing Subsystem

SQL Structured Query Language

SRP Selected Reference Point

SSFDR Solid-State Flight Data Recorder

SSM Sign Status Matrix

STAB Stabilizer

STAR StandardTerminal Arrival Route


STOL Short Takeoff and Landing

STTR Small Business Technology Transfer Resources

SUA Special Use Airspace

SWAP Severe Weather Avoidance Program

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- T -
TACAN Tactical Air Navigation

TACH Tachometer

TAI Thermal Anti-lce

TAP Terminal Area Productivity

TAS True Airspeed

TAT Total AirTemperature

TATCA Terminal Air Traffic Control Automaiton

TBD To Be Determined

TBO Time between Overhauls

TBS To Be Specified

TCA Terminal Control Area

TCAS Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System

T/C (TOC) Top-of-Climb

T/D (TOD) Top of-Descent

TDWR Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR located and classifies windshear conditions and provides advisories in the terminal area. These data are available through the DLP.)

TEMP Temperature

TFM Traffic Flow Management

TGT Target

THDG True Heading

THR Thrust

THR HOLD Throttle Hold

TI Texas International

TIAS True Indicated Airspeed

TKE TrackAngle Error

TMA Traffic Management Advisor

TMC Thrust Management Computer

TMF Thrust Management Function

TMU Traffic Management Unit

TN True North

T/O (TO) Takeoff

TOD Top of Descent

TO EPR Takeoff Engine Pressure Ratio

TO Nl Takeoff Engine Fan Speed

TOGA Takeoff/Go-Around

TOT Total

TRA Thrust Reduction Altitude

TRACON Terminal Radar Approach Control Facility.

TRANS Transition

TRK Track (to a NAVAID)

TRU True

TSRV Transport Systems Research Facility

TT Total Temperature

TURB Turbulence

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- U -
UA United

UHF Ultra-high Frequency


USAF United States Air Force

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All trademarks or product names mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.
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