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What is AvScholars.com?
AvScholars.com is the premier aviation educational and career-related web site. It is the most comprehensive online resource that assists students and families with all aspects of pursuing a higher education and career within the field of aviation/aerospace. The overall objective of AvScholars.com is to address the needs of students by acting as a central forum for the collection and dissemination of information, resources, and tools at one location, entirely online.

What exactly does AvScholars.com offer?
AvScholars.com offers an array of features and services to help students and their parents make educated decisions about their educational and career goals. There are 16 channels (content areas) for students and parents to select a topic for their situation (need), seven online communities, and My AvScholars 8 Searchable Directories. Each channel targets are clearly defined audience. Provided below is a snap shot of the features and services on AvScholars.com.

Featured Channels:
• Careers
• College Preparation
• Learn to Fly
• Pay for School
•Pay for Flight Training
• Employment Opportunities

Outreach Sectors:
• Kids/Youth
• Minorities
• Women
• Parents
• Educators

Additional Resources:
• Aviation Pioneers
• Government Agencies
• Military Services
• Museums
• Organizations/Clubs
Online Communities:
• Message Boards
• Ask the Experts
• Online Mentors
• Career Speakers
• Photo Galleries
• Calendar of Events
• e-Newsletters

MyAvScholars Directories:
• Elementary/High School Directory
• Collegiate Directory
• Flight School Directory
• Scholarship Directory
• Internship/Job Directory
• Summer/Youth Programs Directory
• Organization Directory
• Museum Directory

What is My AvScholars?
My AvScholars is a comprehensive collection of seven directories that allows registered users to create a personalized account and search all directories at one location. Each directory will allow users to simplify and/or customize their searches. My AvScholars will help college-bound high school, undergraduate, and graduate students in searching and selecting an institution, flight school, scholarship, and/or internship to apply as a candidate to further their education and career.

My AvScholars’ Directories consist of the:
• Elementary/High School Directory
Collegiate Directory
Flight School Directory
Scholarship Directory
Internship/Job Directory
Summer/Youth Programs Directory
Organization Directory
Museum Directory

My AvScholars will also help parents and educators by allowing them to assist in their children and students education by directing them to the appropriate resources that can provide guidance and support, as necessary. My AvScholars is a free service provided on AvScholars.com.

Why was AvScholars created? Aren't there already dozens of other aviation and college-related web sites?
AvScholars.com was created by author and self-publisher Sedgwick Hines, after its conception in 1999 as a spin-off of the second edition of the self-published book Aviation Scholarships. In order to provide students and parents with up-to-date and accurate information, Mr. Hines decided to use technology (via The Internet) to filter and distribute this information in a timely fashion. The result was the creation of AvScholars.com.

In March 2000, AvScholars launched an Internet initiative to help students and families plan and pay for college and flight training. Over the years, AvScholars has received questions from students and parents typically asking:
What types of careers are there in the field of aviation/aerospace?
Which institutions and/or flight school offer a particular curriculum, certificate, or degree?
Where and how to search and apply to these institutions and/or flight schools for admission?
What is the process of learning how to fly to become a pilot?
Where and how to search and apply for scholarships, grants, and loans for financial assistance?
What types of internships and cooperative education programs are available for career advancement?
Who can I talk too for advice? Are there mentors?
What types of organizations are available for me to join and become a member?

After receiving and responding to varying but similar questions, Mr. Hines realized that there was no single web site that helped students and parents navigate through the entire process of preparing and planning for a career within the aviation/aerospace industry. Other aviation-related web sites focus on just one component of the education process, such as a financial aid or learning how to fly, forcing students and families to search multiple web sites to fill their needs.

AvScholars.com was created to meet the needs of students and families by providing them with a comprehensive online resource to help them with all aspects of pursuing a career within the field of aviation/aerospace at one location, entirely online.

What are the advantages of using AvScholars.com versus using other web sites?
The advantage is that students and families have free access to various resources and tools to help them prepare and plan for a career within the aviation/aerospace industry at one location, entirely online. Most often, students and families are researching various aspects to help them with their educational and career goals. For example, if students are researching colleges that offer aviation/aerospace curriculum; they are also researching scholarships and grants to help pay for their education. By centralizing all aspects of planning for a career within the aviation/aerospace in one location; students and their families need to visit only one Internet resource to find answers to their questions, instead of spending countless hours searching the Internet. As students and families become more familiar with all aspects of pursuing a higher education within the field of aviation/aerospace, they can make educated decisions about their educational and career goals.

How popular do you expect AvScholars.com to be?
Since March 2000, AvScholars.com has received over 2.9 million unique visitors. Currently, our site attracts over 150,000 visitors each month. Each year, our presence and reputation steadily grows. We expect to continue this growth trend through strategic alliances/partnerships, aggressive on-line and off-line marketing strategies, and positive word-of-mouth from previous web site’s visitors. Over time, we expect AvScholars.com to be the most visited aviation educational- and career-related web site on the Internet.

Do you plan to form alliances and partnerships with other aviation and educational organizations? Yes! AvScholars plan to develop strategic alliances and partnerships with key aviation and educational organizations to help us enhance our web site's existing content, more broadly distribute our content, increase exposure, establish credibility, and significantly generate traffic to AvScholars.com. We will attempt to create a “diverse” community by developing alliances with various organizations whose goals are to encourage minorities and women to pursue a career within the aviation/aerospace industry. Strategic alliances and partnerships are a critical element to the success of AvScholars.com.

Are there any restrictions to using AvScholars.com - what is the process for utilizing its services?
Access to AvScholars.com is FREE. However, should visitors (i.e. students, parents, educators, etc.) want to search My AvScholars Directories, save their results, and access it at a later date, they will have to register. Registering to search My AvScholars Directories is FREE.

What is AvScholars’ Privacy Policy? Is the personal information collected on students distributed to marketing agencies?
AvScholars is committed to safeguarding users' privacy on AvScholars.com. We will not share, sell, rent or otherwise transfer information without the user's permission, and then only in accordance with the terms set forth in the Privacy Policy on AvScholars.com. Our Privacy Policy is prominently displayed on our web site’s home page, on each web page in the footer, and at each place where personally identifiable information may be requested. If we materially change the Privacy Policy, we will notify our users at least 30 days prior to the effective date. Our Privacy Policy is online and can be viewed at any time.

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