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Why register?
Is there a cost to post a profile into My AvScholars Directories?
How do I register?
The registration form will not accept my manager I.D. selection.
The registration form will not accept my email address.
Why must I provide an email address?
What happens after registering?
How do I post a profile into the appropriate My AvScholars Directories?
How will I know if my profile has been added to the appropriate My AvScholars Directory?
How many profiles can I enter?
How do I edit, delete, or view my profile(s)?
How do I update my registration information?
Is there a fee for making changes to my account registration or profiles?
When will my account expire?
How do I renew my FREE account?
How do I renew my FEE account?
What are the payment methods?
How do I cancel my account?
I've already registered. How do I log-in?
What if I forget my password?
I am not able to log in to my account.
How can AvScholars afford to offer its services to students, parents, and educators for free?
Is my personal information kept confidential?
My question still has not been answered, who do I contact?
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