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What is the Online Mentor Program?
The AvScholars Online Mentors Program provides an opportunity for volunteer mentors to share their perspective and to allow students and others to benefit from their educational, personal, and career experiences.

How does the program work?

As an online mentor, we ask that you respond to email inquires from students, parents, and educators about your educational, personal, and career experiences. The regularity with which you respond to email inquiries from students is important. We encourage online mentors to volunteer a few minutes a week to emails, so the interaction does not get stale. Your role as an online mentor does not require you to meet one-on-one with individuals who contact you.

Only questions about mentoring should receive a reply. Requests for advice about personal circumstances (i.e. accounting, legal, medical, etc.) should be directed to a professional or the AvScholars’ Ask the Experts.
Additionally, all online mentors should:
Maintain professionalism at all times and be respectful of all visitors at all times. Anything you do as a volunteer online mentor is a reflection of yourself and AvScholars.
Refrain from any commercial or self-promotion activities. It's ok to talk about your own organization, school, corporation, or personal web site in any of our communities, but not to the point where you promote your web site over AvScholars.com. The point is to keep people coming back to AvScholars.com to build a strong community with common interests.

Note: The advice that our volunteer online mentors give to visitors is not that of the AvScholars Network Foundation. Each volunteer online mentor is solely responsible for the information and opinions that (s)he gives to our visitors. If a volunteer online mentor has an interest in a program, product, or service that (s)he recommends, our visitors should be aware that such interests may exist and may influence the advice given by a volunteer online mentors.

Online Mentor Benefits
As an online mentor, you will receive the following benefits:
AvScholars Email Account
  All online mentors are assigned an AvScholars’ Email Account to receive and reply to email inquires. This email account will also be used to receive correspondence letters from the AvScholars Network Foundation.
Picture and Name
  Your picture and name will be placed at the top of the message board with a link to your profile page on AvScholars.com.
Profile Page
  Your profile page will appear whenever visitors click on your picture or name. Your profile page will include the following:
• Name
• Self-portrait
• Brief bio (max 60 words)
• Link to your web site (if applicable)
• AvScholars Email Account

Sample Profile


What types of questions can you expect?
AvScholars created a list of questions you should expect from students and parents. We are sure that you will be asked the same question more than once. Use our "Questions To Ask an Online Mentor Guide" to possibly prepare your answers!

B ecome an Online Mentor?

If you are interested in becoming an online mentor, please download and complete the Online Mentor Form and email the form to volunteers@avscholars.com.

We will review all submissions and respond shortly. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).


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