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  Submitting Your Application:On-time
Many scholarship applications are disqualified, because some applicants fail to submit their applications on-time. If an application’s deadline has passed, keep the information and apply next year.

There are 4 methods to submit your completed scholarship package:
An online application can be completed and submitted on the Internet. When you are ready to complete and submit the application, return to the scholarship provider’s web site. Refer to your print copy, carefully type your answers into every blank provided in the electronic application form. After completing your application, you should review your answers for any mistakes or errors (i.e. grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors) and then print a copy of the application for your records before clicking the ‘Submit’ button.
Some scholarship provider’s indicate that your application must be postmarked or received at their office by a certain deadline date. If you are going to mail your application package, you have a few options such as:
First Class Mail
If you are going to mail your application package via first class mail, it would be in your best interest to mail the application package at least 5 - 7 business days (Saturday and Sunday is not considered a business day) before the deadline date. The US Postal Office offers several methods to confirm that your application has been delivered: Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested, and Certified Mail. These are nice services, but if you included a SASE, this will confirm delivery of your package and save you some money. You should type your mailing labels to avoid any delivery delays.
Priority Mail
Priority mail is another service offered by the US Postal Office. The estimated delivery time is two -three days for delivery. Priority Mail is not a guaranteed service, so if you decide to use Priority Mail, expect it to take four days for delivery to be on the safe side.
Express Mail
There are a few express carries that guaranteed next day and 2nd day delivery of your package.
Hand Delivery
If the scholarship provider’s office is located in your city and you would like to hand deliver your application package, contact the organization to ensure this is an approved method. If you use this method, make sure you give your application package to the right individual or department, and take notice of the person’s name to whom you gave your application package to.
It is rare, but some scholarship providers may accept faxed applications. Before you fax your application package, contact the organization to inform them that you are going to fax your information within a few minutes. After faxing your application package, print a conformation report for your records and then follow-up with a call to make sure that it was received in its entirety.

The Waiting Game
After submitting your scholarship application package, be patient and wait for an announcement of the winners. If you are not awarded the scholarship this year, reapply next year (if you meet the eligibility requirements).

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