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Some scholarship providers may request a list of references. Your references should be listed on a sheet of paper with their names and contact information (address, telephone), as well as your relationship to those references. References are used to get an idea of what others think about you. Select your references carefully. A good reference is someone who knows you well. He/she should be able to answer questions about your character, academics, leadership, teamwork, and/or extracurricular activities.

Try to include people who have known you in different situations (i.e. job supervisor, professor, coach, religious leaders, etc.) so they may speak about your various qualities. A diverse group of references could result in a broader and more accurate picture of you as a person. Unfortunately, your parents/guardian and all family members are excluded. Before you list someone as a reference, make sure you have that person's permission to do so.

It will be beneficial to you, if you provided your references with information about you, especially if you have not spoken to them for several months. You should provide each reference with the following information:
Details about the scholarship(s)
Your College Plans (if necessary)
Scholarship Resume
List of Achievement, Awards, and Honors
List of Extracurricular Activities (inside and outside of school)

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Creating a Reference List

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