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  Obtaining an Application
There are three methods in which you can obtain a scholarship application and learn more about the organization providing the scholarship, scholarship’s eligibility requirements, and past scholarship winners, which are:

Web Site
Most scholarship providers post information about their scholarship(s) on their web site. Posting this information on their web site saves everyone time and money, which can make the difference in submitting your application before the deadline date. There are various types of scholarship applications on the Internet. The most common applications are: electronic (online) application and downloadable Portable Document Format (PDF). However, there are other application types such as MS Word Document; and plain text applications.

Before you start downloading and printing an application from the scholarship provider’s web site, make sure the information and application is current. If the web site specifies an application deadline for the previous year, the application and/or eligibility requirements may have changed. If you encounter this problem, request a print application directly from the scholarship provider by either writing, emailing, or calling.

Writing or Emailing
Writing or emailing the scholarship provider is another method use to request and obtain an application. If you use this method, you must create a request letter. Your request letter should be brief and to the point; it should briefly describe your educational and career goals, and request an application. Type your request letter, and make certain that it is neat and free of spelling and grammatical errors. You can use the same letter to request an application from other scholarship providers. Make sure you change the scholarship provider’s name and the date. If you are mailing your request letter, type it, and enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with it. Some sources may require it.

Some scholarship providers offer multiple awards, if this is the case, specify the name of the scholarship for which you are requesting an application. If you are requesting multiple scholarship applications offered by the same scholarship provider, you can list all the scholarship name(s) on your request letter.

If you have not received a response after 2 to 3 weeks, you should write or email a second request letter. It is acceptable to use the original letter, but you must change the date. As a reminder, many scholarship providers are large organizations that receive many requests; there may have been a chance that your first letter was lost in the paper shuffle. If you sent a second request letter and still have not received a response, the sponsoring organization may no longer offer the scholarship. If there is a telephone number available, call the organization to inquire about the existence of the scholarship. Use common sense when speaking with a scholarship provider - Don’t be RUDE!

Review Sample Request Letter:
Sample Letter
Sample Letter (by NASFAA)

If you are going to call the scholarship provider, remember to be polite to the receptionist. If a scholarship provider’s telephone, fax, or email address is not included with their contact information, this is a clear indication that they do not want applicants to contact them by that method. If you encounter this problem, visit their web site or write a request letter.

Scholarship Track Form
Download a FREE copy of the Scholarship Track Form. This form will help you keep track of your scholarship search, important dates, and to make sure that you send all the supporting documents requested by the sponsor along with your application. Use this form for each scholarship you’re applying for and before mailing your application to the sponsoring organizations. This material is excerpted from a book entitled The Scholarship Workbook, which is available for sale.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this document.

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Keeping Track of Application


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