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  Preparing for the Interview
Preparing for an interview may be a difficult task for some students. The easiest way to prepare for an interview is to have one or two ‘mock’ interviews. A mock interview consists of having someone (i.e. teacher, counselor, parent) pretend to be the interviewer and ask you several interview questions.

The mock interviewer should be able to critique your answers, appearance, presentation, etc. This feedback will help identify your strengths and weaknesses. Ask the mock interviewer a few questions about your answers, what can you do better, how do you look and sound, etc. You do not want to appear unorganized or unprepared during the interview. You should be able to provide a confident answer to each question asked by the interviewer or scholarship committee.

The day before the interview, you should review information about the organization, the scholarship’s purpose and guidelines, and your entire scholarship application package and supporting documents that you submitted to the scholarship provider. It is important that you remember what you submitted to the scholarship provider. Also, take a copy of your scholarship application package to the interview for your records. You may not need it, but on the other hand you may be glad to have it.

Interview Track Form
Download a FREE copy of the Interview Track Form. This track form will help you prepare for the scholarship interview and keep track of your interview date, location, and time. Use this form for each scholarship interview. This material is excerpted from a book entitled The Scholarship Workbook, which is available for sale.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this document.

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Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts


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