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  Step 4: Completing the Application
By now, you should have identified several sources that offer scholarships in which you would like to contact and request an application. The entire scholarship application process can be time-consuming. There are numerous steps and supporting documents you must gather and submit to the scholarship provider. But if you start early and stay organized, you will complete your scholarship application(s) in a timely fashion and keep your stress level to a minimum, and you will be glad that you did.

Step 4 will help you complete the scholarship application. The process of completing and submitting your scholarship application(s) has many separate steps.

Follow the steps below to help you complete and submit your scholarship application package:
Obtaining an Application
Keeping Track of the Application
Application Components
Supporting Documents
Completing the Application
Creating a Competitive Application
Putting the Application Package Together
Submitting Your Application - On-time
Scholarship Interview
Preparing for the Interview
Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts
After the Interview
After Winning a Scholarship
Receiving Your Scholarship
Renewing Your Scholarship

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Obtaining an Application


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