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  State Education Agencies
All states have one or more state education agencies that offer various financial aid programs to students. State education agencies award their financial aid on a "First Come, First Serve Basis."

Typically, State Aid is restricted to resident students attending a state school. Contact your state’s education agencies and request a financial aid guide detailing their state aid and eligibility requirements or visit their web site.

Types of State Aid
Provided below is a list of various state aid program, your state’s education agencies may offer:
State Scholarship and Grant Programs
Prepaid Tuitions and College Savings Plans
State Loan Program
State Student Incentive Grant Program
Loan-forgiveness programs for specific professions (i.e. education or health)
State Employment Programs
Financial Aid for Returning Adults
Financial Aid for International Students
Financial Aid for Graduate and Professional Students
Financial Aid for Freshmen Student
Financial Aid for Minorities
Financial Aid for Women
Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities

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