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  Magazines and Newspapers
Magazines are great resources to review for scholarships, internships, and career opportunities. Many of these publications are often overlooked. Most popular and trade industry magazines provide helpful articles and information for its readers about scholarships and financial aid. These articles usually appear in the August, September, December, or January issues. Review the various magazines that you or your parents read. Do not overlook magazines that represent your community, ethnic background, industry, sports, hobbies and interest, religious affiliation, military affiliation, etc. Some organizations and business specifically target the magazine’s subscribers to help students continue their education.

Within each magazine, there is a listing of its advertisers in the last few pages, contact each advertiser and ask if they offer scholarships or would they be interested in sponsoring a student whose pursuing a career within their industry.

Some scholarships are announced in your school, community, city, and national newspapers. These scholarships are usually announced in the money, education, or career section of each newspaper.

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