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  Step 2: Identifying Your Qualifications
Before you start searching for any scholarships, it is important that you first identify and document your qualifications and skills; and information about your family’s background. Qualifications are those characteristics about yourself that make you eligible for a particular scholarship. The more information you document about yourself and your family; you increase your chances of identifying and applying for scholarships in which you may have overlooked.

The following outline will help you identify and document your qualifications. Use a separate sheet of paper for each heading. Your qualifications can be organized into the following categories:

Personal Information
  Document information about yourself, your educational and career goals, college plans, etc. Many scholarships have certain restrictions and eligibility requirements that may apply to your geographic location, gender, test score, financial need, field of study, etc.

Family Profile
  Document information about your family such as: parent/guardian information, family financial data, organizations or union affiliation, employers, military affiliation, ethnicity, disability impairment/medical condition, and religious affiliation. Many scholarships have certain restrictions and eligibility requirements that may apply to you as well as your parents, stepparents, guardians, and/or spouse. You may need your parent(s)/guardian, or grandparent(s) assistance to help list their background information.

  Document information about your high school and/or college education. Start with your most recent educational accomplishment. List all of the basic details about the school(s) you attended or currently attend, including the school’s name, location (city and state), degree, date of graduation (or expected graduation), major, and G.P.A. Then, immediately below each school, list those courses, classes, and seminars you attended which helped you to prepare for a career with your field of study. Most college students do not need to include information about high school, but it is important to include other education attained through community colleges and/or specialized training programs.

Work Experiences
  Document information about your work experiences. Volunteer, research projects, internships, and cooperative education programs that you experienced should also be listed as work experiences. Start with your most recent employer and give the dates of employment, the name of the employer, and the employer's city / state address. Then, immediately below each employer, state your job title and responsibilities. This information will also help you create a scholarship and job resume.

Extracurricular Activities
  Document information about your extracurricular activities inside and outside of school such as: leadership positions, school involvement, community involvement, honors and awards, artistic talents, and athletic talents. Start with your most recent extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities are great ways to become a well-rounded individual and improve your chances of winning a scholarship. Most scholarship sponsors look for students who are “well-rounded” individuals.

  List your interests and hobbies and other activities done alone and/or with others that give you enjoyment.

What's Next?
Step 3: Sources of Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Scholarship Workbook
This information was excerpted from The Scholarship Workbook. The Scholarship Workbook will help you identify and document information about yourself, your educational and career goals, and your family’s background.

Order Your Personal Copy

What's Next?
Step 3: Sources of Financial Aid


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