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  Financial Aid Disbursements
The financial aid office oversees and administers financial aid, they do not disburse any checks. The school’s Bursar’s Office (Business Office) is responsible for processing and disbursing all financial aid. Financial aid is awarded for an academic year (unless otherwise specified), one-half of the award being available each term (i.e. semester, quarter, trimester). Financial aid awards are used first to pay tuition and fees, and secondly to pay on-campus room and board, insurance (if applicable), and then other educational expenses/fees.

Before your financial aid can be disbursed, you must fulfill certain criteria of enrollment status and eligibility to receive your awards. Your eligibility is initially checked when financial aid is posted to your Student Account and is monitored on an ongoing basis. If you have met all the criteria, financial aid disbursement usually begins one week prior to the start of classes and is scheduled regularly thereafter according to the school’s disbursement schedule.

The financial aid office is required by the federal government to verify a percentage of all financial aid applicants. The information to be verified may include, but is not limited to, federal taxes paid; other untaxed income; household size; and number of family members who are attending college. If you are selected for verification, the financial aid office will issue a letter to you requesting that additional information be submitted. You must return the requested documentation to the financial aid office by a certain date of receiving the request. Failure to provide the request documentation will prevent disbursement of your financial aid.

Causes of Delays in Disbursement
There are several issues that may delay or prevent disbursement of your financial aid, including, but not limited to:
Satisfactory Academic Progress
• Academic Suspension
• Financial Aid Hold
• Enrollment Hold
• Residency Status Change

• Scholarship and waiver requirements not met
• Resources not yet available
• Perkins Loan Promissory Note not signed (if applicable)
• Master Promissory Note not signed
• Loan Entrance Counseling not complete

General Disbursement Methods
The method in which your financial aid is disbursed is dependent upon the source. For detailed information about the disbursement of your financial aid, read your school’s Financial Aid Guide. You have any additional questions or comments, contact your school’s financial aid office.

There are different procedures and actions for disbursement of financial aid such as:
When the Bursar’s Office receives a financial aid check made payable to you (such as some Private Scholarships, Departmental Aid, Private Loan, and some Federal Family Educational Loan Program, you will be contacted by email or mail informing you to visit the Bursar's Office to endorse the check. The funds are applied directly to your Student Account to pay for tuition, fees, and other educational expenses.
When the Bursar’s Office receives a financial aid check made payable to the school (such as State Aid, Campus Based and Institutional Aid: Pell Grant, Perkins Loan, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Departmental Aid, some Private Scholarships*, and some Private and FFELP loans), the funds are applied directly to your Student Account to pay for tuition, fees, and other education expenses.
If you have a work-study job, the check is made payable directly to you. You may use the funds to pay for educational and personal expenses. Your employer must pay you at least once a month. Students are typically paid every bi-weekly or bi-monthly. Your employer must pay you directly by check, unless you request the employer to make a direct deposit to your personal bank account, or apply the money to your Student Account.

After all charges (tuition, fees, and deductions) have been paid on your Student Account, or the amount of financial aid is greater than the amount of charges, any remaining balance will be refunded to you or your parent. Your refund check may be mailed to your local or home address, directly deposited into your personal bank account, or you may be able to pick up your check at the Bursar’s Office when the funds become available. Unless your parents indicate otherwise, PLUS Loan funds are refunded directly to them in the form of a check. It is important that you understand your school’s refund policy.

It is very important that you read and understand your school’s financial aid policies regarding finanical aid disbursement, disbursement schedule, reduction in classes/aid, withdrawal from school, refund and repayment policy, etc. Any student who receives financial aid and subsequently withdraws from school may be required to repay that financial aid. In any event, this may affect future financial aid eligibility. If you have any questions, you should contact your school’s financial aid office and read your school’s current Financial Aid Guide.

Private Scholarship Disbursement
The organization awarding your scholarship should provide you with information as to how the scholarship check will be distributed (to you or directly to your school). Some sponsoring organizations often require verification of enrollment or a billing statement from your school before disbursing the scholarship check. If this is the case, you must contact the Registrar's or Bursar’s Office to request that the appropriate documentation be mailed to the sponsoring organization.

If you really need to know when you or the school will receive the check to prevent any enrollment problems such as class cancellations, contact the scholarship provider and ask when they mailed or intend to mail the scholarship check to avoid any problems. Once you receive this information, inform the Bursar’s Office of your school and they may grant you an extension on your payment deadline. There are different procedures and responses for disbursement of private scholarship checks.

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