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  Minorities Sector
Welcome to AvScholars' Minority Sector.

The Minorities Sector provides students of various ethnic backgrounds interested in an aviation/aerospace career with access to resources and tools that can assist them with their educational and career goals.

News and Announcements
From time to time AvScholars receives information that may be of special interest to minority students. We will post that information here for your convenience. Know of an upcoming activity or event of interest to minorities, contact us.

Aviation Pioneers
African-Americans and other ethnic groups have made great strides and contributions to the aviation/aerospace industry. Learn more about these pioneers, past and present.

Minority Photo Gallery

Coming Soon!
The AvScholars' Minority Photo Gallery showcases photos of minority aviators and other professions - past, present, and future.

Online Mentors
Ask the online mentors about their educational, personal, and career experiences by clicking on their photo or name. Only questions about mentoring will receive a reply. Requests for advice about personal circumstances (such as accounting, legal, medical issues) should consult a professional.

Coming Soon!

Diversity Recruitment Advertising
(Click on a banner to view their profile page.)

Minority Organizations
There are numerous minority organizations that encourage and promote the advancement of minorities in all aviation/aerospace career fields and interests. Visit their web site to learn more about their organization, programs, scholarships, and/or services offered, and possibly join as a member.

This list is not all inclusive and please read our Terms & Conditions regarding links to external web sites. If you would like to add your organization to this list, contact us.

Black Pilots of America (BPA)

International Black Aerospace Council (IBAC)
The International Black Aerospace Council coordinates and develops activities of the world aerospace community to enhance outreach efforts pertaining to Blacks in aerospace career fields.

National Black Coalition of FAA Employees (NBCFAE)
The National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees is a national, nonprofit organization consisting of a powerful network of professionals in the aviation industry.  NBCFAE emphasis is on professional development, training, public and congressional policy, and membership involvement for all African-Americans, females, and other minorities.

Negro Airmen International, Inc. (NAI)
The Negro Airmen International, Inc. is dedicated to aviation, public education, and international service in support of personal and professional opportunities for Black people through aviation.

Organization of Black Airline Pilots (OBAP)
The goals of OBAP are to motivate black youth to become educationally prepared for life, to increase minority participation in aviation through exposure, training, mentoring, and scholarships; to encourage networking among black pilots; to increase the number of black pilots hired by airlines; and to assist the black airline pilot with special needs and concerns.

Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. (TAI)

US Army Black Aviation Association

Diversity Newsletter
The Diversity Newsletter provides various information (such as outreach programs, scholarships, job opportunities, and other activities.) that targets minorities and women interested in pursuing a career within the field of aviation/aerospace.


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