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  Step 6: Becoming an Airline Pilot
If you’re interested in becoming an airline pilot, there are two paths to choose from: The Civilian Route and The Military Route. Both paths have their advantages and disadvantages, and both will prepare you for a career as a professional airline pilot.

Before we proceed, we must take the time to clarify a few misconceptions:
Becoming a major airline pilot takes years of hard work and determination. A lot of young and aspiring pilots believe that after earning their pilot certificates and ratings that they’ll get hired by a major airline. Unfortunately, this is not true. As a pilot, you must build quality flight time to be considered as a competitive job applicant, which takes a few years to earn.
Many people (aspiring pilots, parents, educators, career counselors, etc.) believe that you must join the military in order to get hired by the major airlines. Although, the military is an excellent option, this is not your only option. Many airline pilots have chosen the Civilian Route.

The path to becoming an airline pilot can be challenging, but the following information will help you gain a better understanding of what steps you must take and a general idea of what to expect during your journey. Before you proceed, lets review the typical major airlines’ minimum hiring requirements.

Chose the path you plan to take:
The Civilian Route
The Military Route

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The Civilian Route

Written by: Sedgwick Hines Copyright 2004 AvScholars Publishing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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