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  Organizations and Clubs
Welcome to AvScholars’ Organizations & Clubs Channel! This is your guide to aviation/aerospace organizations and clubs. There are various aviation/aerospace organizations and clubs that suit many careers, interests, and backgrounds. It would be in your best interest to join an organization/club to network. Belonging to an organization/club will not only allow you to meet other people with similar goals and interests, but will also open doors to future possibilities.

Organizations give you the opportunity to:
Meet others working in your field.
Contribute to your profession.
Learn about new developments in your field.
Find out about job opportunities.
Apply for possible scholarships.
Learn from mentors.
Network with potential employers.
And more!

Organization categories.
There are various types of organizations such as commercial (for-profit), educational, governmental, military, nonprofit, media, international, recreational, and social organizations. AvScholars has established a system for categorizing all organizations within My AvScholars’ Organization Directory in order to help you easily identify the purpose/goal of the organizations and match them to your interest(s). Some organizations may be listed for two categories. For example, AvScholars could be categorized as an educational and nonprofit organization.

You can search for an organization in the following categories within our directory:
• Aerobatic
• Aeronautics
• Aerospace
• Aircraft
• Airline
• Airport
• Airship
• Astronomy
• Balloon
• Educational
• Flight Attendant
• Flying
• Fraternity/Sorority
• Gliding
• Government Agencies
• Hang Gliding/Ultralight
• Helicopter
• Historical/Preservation
• Maintenance
• Medical
• Military
• Minorities
• Modeling
• Pilots
• Aircraft Owners
• Safety
• Science
• Soaring
• Space
• Sporting
• Technology
• Trade
• Professional
• Training
• Unions/Employee
• Women

Finding the right organization for you.
Your first step should involve researching organizations that are directly related to your career field. Talk to others in your career field about groups they are familiar with or belong too. Once you have identified a few organizations that interest you, you should make sure they match your interests and/or address your concerns.

Before joining any organization, you should:
Research it to learn more about their mission, goals, programs, and/or services offered to its members and/or the community.
Request to attend a meeting before you officially join the organization.

Some general things you need to know about organizations:
Most organizations have some type of yearly or monthly fee. These fees are typically used to support the organization and its programs and/or services offered to the members or the community.
Organizations rely on their members involvement, which is critical to their success; without active members - there is no organization.
Don't expect the organization to answer every question and be everything you need.
Most organizations meet at least once a month to discuss their business matters.

Your involvement counts.
If you want to get the most out of an organization, don’t just go to one or two meetings; attend regular, volunteer your time, or serve on a committee. That’s how people will get to know you, and both you and the organization will be more likely to succeed. Joining the right organization and/or club can possibly give you a jump-start and boost your career.

Search the Organization Directory.
If you are looking for an organization or club, register and search My AvScholars’ Organization Directory. This directory allows you to quickly and easily locate an organization near you.


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